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Baba Ghodrat

About Baba Ghodrat

In 2009, Baba Ghodart complex started its activity with the opening of its first complex in Mashhad city under the name of “Baba Ghodart Tourism Complex” and after about 10 years with the successful experience it gained in Mashhad, it started another complex in Tehran under the name Aghigh Baba Ghodrat Complex.

اسلاید مجتمع مشهد

Baba Ghodrat Tourism Complex of Mashhad

مجتمع گردشگری باباقدرت مشهد

Baba Ghodrat Tourism Complex of Mashhad was built in the Qajar era and is more than two centuries old, which was registered as a national monument in 2001 and was renovated and restored in 2006 by Iranian architects and artists.

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اسلاید مجتمع تهران

Baba Ghodrat Aghigh Complex of Tehran

مجتمع عقیق باباقدرت تهران

Baba Ghodrat Aghigh Complex of Tehran was put into operation in 2018 and has a traditional Restaurant with a capacity of 250 people and a completely eye-catching environment with live music, as well as a hall with a capacity of 700 people on 2 separate floors with the possibility of holding various celebrations and parties.

along with Tehran Museum of Anthropology and live music
With a capacity to accommodate 700 people on 2 floors with private parking
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